Creating is the driving force of mankind.

I explore imagery with a special relation to  both Tableaux kind of pictures and fine art/fitness. I am a pure, 100 % amateur and I am happy being only that. I never do payed work, only assignments that are exciting, different and fun.

Pictures that tells a story, not explicitly but should tickle the viewers imagination. 

Fine Art

The male body is immensely beautiful and should be shown. Experimenting with different aesthetic language and techniques is so rewarding. Especially when I have access to brave models that wants to evolve with me.


So many work hard to get in perfect shape and then they end up taking poor smartphone photos of their work. I would like to give these persons a good view of their creation. This genre mixes with Fine Art in my work.


Creating pictures with people is wonderful and I along with my partners/models usually create together. Sometimes crazy things that can actually lead to a good Tableaux idea.


Combining techniques and themes that doesn't always end up good, is experimenting. I love to try out new things and ideas along with other creatives.